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Take a look at our production portfolio to see how we can take your idea to the next level. We’ll transform clients concepts into full-blown production pieces. Through our technical command of film and our creative approach to problem solving, we’ve been able to find unique solutions for a variety of clients. Get in touch to see some of our most recent productions.




A pair of NYPD detectives interrogate a man for his wife’s murder but it seems the detectives themselves also have something to hide…

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May 6, 2019

A young couple falls apart upon learning of their pregnancy.

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Old Memories

November 24, 2017

Feelings are intangible and abstract but what if your feelings were physical and concrete. What if your feelings were a person. What would that person look like? Who would that person be?

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-Nebula- Film Studios has been producing movies since 2016. Our team is incredibly passionate about film - from the initial creative process to the nitty-gritty details. We are a group of highly driven professionals that are ready to dedicate our time, specialty and expertise to create award-winning films.

We’ve worked with companies both large and small such as but not limited to: "Marvel Studios, ABC StudiosCBS Studios, Tisch WNET Studio, Baga Studios, Mast Enterprise," etc. 

Interested in having our team work with you? contact us to learn more about what our team of experts can do for you.



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